NBC loses peacock in merger with Comcast

Image Credit: NBC Universal

See that image above? You won’t be seeing it again on your local NBC station. But before I get to my thoughts on that, let’s discuss the events leading up to this drastic change.

About a week ago, the long-gestating merger between NBC/Universal and Comcast finally reached its close. While most news stories focus on the business aspect of the deal, I would like to discuss what this merger could mean for the shows on NBC, their ratings, and the possibility of changing NBC’s public image.

It’s no secret that NBC’s former president and CEO of NBC, Jeff Zucker, has had a career riddled with controversy. As stated in Deadline’s article, Jay Leno and Zucker’s own NBC show “30 Rock” crack a joke at his expense every chance they get.

Now that Zucker is out of the way, Comcast and Universal are hopeful that they will be able to bring NBC back to the “must-watch TV” that it claims (and used) to be.  Remember Thursday nights 10 years ago? NBC had shows like “Friends,” Will & Grace,” and “ER.” But times have changed.

I’m not saying that Thursday nights today are bad, per se. But NBC is not having much luck bringing in more viewers with its niche (but still hilarious) shows like “Parks and Recreation,” “Outsourced,” “Community,” and (a declining in quality) “30 Rock.”

Sure, all of these shows are (or were at some point, in the case of “30 Rock”) critically acclaimed, but NBC might want to consider a more broad, less quirky comedy. Now, I know that fans of these Thursday night shows will scream “No!” at my suggestion, but from a business and ratings standpoint, this makes sense. You can still make a broadly comedic sitcom very funny and good. It’s just hard to believe because we haven’t seen one in a while.

One other concern I have is the new logo that NBC has, shown here:

Image Credit: NBC Universal

Notice something missing? NBC’s iconic logo, the multi-colored peacock has been removed from the logo, cited as being “too busy” by NBC Universal’s chief executive Steve Burke. I can only assume that this is meant to distinguish the “new” NBC from Zucker’s NBC, but I’m just not sure this is a good idea. Remember the GAP logo fiasco?

That being said, I also think this logo change could be a genius move on their part. I predict that most viewers will be rather vocal about their dislike (or liking) of the new logo. This will (in my opinion) create enough uproar and publicity to put NBC back in the headlines and minds of the viewer. It may start off as negative, but you know what they say: “There is no such thing as bad publicity.”

I’m sure many of you will disagree with my thoughts on this merger and logo change, so feel free to voice your opinions below. USA Today had some interesting suggestions for NBC Universal as well, and I think that most of these suggestions could help the studio.


2 responses to “NBC loses peacock in merger with Comcast

  1. Good news though Trace. The new logo is just for corporate purposes. The peacock isn’t going anywhere off the tv screen.

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